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Female Employment

A woman’s place in life, her ability to obtain gainful employment and self-sufficiency is based on both caste and the men who dominate her life – first her father, then her husband, and finally her son.

Today’s Nepal faces a high unemployment rate of 46%, With an average income per capita of NRP130,000 (USD1,300) per year, Nepal is one of the poorest states in the world.

  • The nation has failed to generate local employment opportunity in the country. Political instability, protests and strikes in the nation have made the job opportunities very rare.
  • There are no “Unemployment benefits”. If you do not have a job or lose your job, the Government does not provide any social security. You have no way to provide for your family and dependants. This is why most Nepali people in such a dire situation will accept any work they can get.
  • Even though the standard minimum wage is NPR8,000 (USD78) per month or NPR381 (USD3.72) per day, this policy is rarely implemented. Especially in rural areas, most people will accept any wage for any job. There is no vacation leave, no medical insurance and no paid leave, except for the privileged few.
  • Even though women play an increasingly significant role in Nepal’s economy, women still occupy the low status jobs and are paid less than men.
  • Many women work more than 11.44 hours per day, while men work an average of 8.34 hours a day – that’s a 3 hour difference DAILY.
  • Those without a job can get involved in crime and some young women and girls resort to prostitution.
  • For many people, the only choice is that of risky overseas employment, where they face harsh living and working conditions. As many as 1000 Nepali’s leave for overseas employment per week.
  • Those who cannot find work at home or abroad increasingly commit suicide. Police reports confirm that suicides and homicides associated with poverty have increased by 31% since 2010. There are 4000 registered cases each year. That’s 11 deaths EVERY DAY, mainly because people cannot find work to live. Young people between 14 and 30 years are most vulnerable, especially single mothers who see no other option.

“These days, people were shocked by the case of Ramia Chaudhari, a young woman of 25 who could not pay school fees for her two children and so chose to kill herself and her children. The family lived in Amab (Bara district), a village that is run by development committees. Police said her husband’s salary was not enough and she was looking for work for several months, but without success. Rita Chaudhary, Ramia’s neighbor, said that she was afraid that her children would remain without food, so she decided not to enrol her eldest son in school, to save the 1.3 dollars per month in fees. Her despair increased when the women of the village council asked all families to ensure the education of school children. Not being able to pay, the woman committed suicide.” – AsiaNews, Kathmandu – Kalpit Parajuli.

As opposed to giving a hand-out, we work to create a sustainable solution where women can support themselves and their families through training and employment opportunities. We show an alternative way where women can increase their rights and self-confidence. When you buy a Kriayt product, the artisan who made the product directly benefits.


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“Far and away the best prize that life offers
is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

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