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Handicraft Group

Successful women who have graduated from our skill development centre are invited to join our production team. These women make piece rate items and sell them to Kriayt Social Business. Sewing Products are made from upcycled or recycled fabrics from Kurthas or saris. The women cut, measure, draft, design & sew items such as bags, clothing & accessories. This is no easy task at times as most of the women are illiterate. Other women are trained in Crochet using a variety of stitches to form items such – Hats, Slippers and children’s toys. Most patterns are written in tally marks as they do not all read or understand patterns, yet each piece is consistent and of high quality. This is our original group making items that are sold around the world to gain profit to run our social issue programs. Support our group in Nepal to stay in employed work by buying products in our online shop

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women empowering women

Visit Us in Nepal

‘Realise, the power is in your hands to make a choice….. for change,
rely on your strength to make a change in your life.’ This is the motivation
we instil in all women. Feel empowered while helping others empower
themselves. What can YOU do to contribute? Help us reach out to more
women in Nepal. Below are our FOR PROFIT tours that we invite you to
attend. Know that all profits are used to fund our programs, so by joining
us you have taken action to contribute and help our programs.

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