What we want to achieve from our product sales

& a few kind donations

Our first step when we have a need is to sell  our products

We try and be self sufficient 

SALES = we meet our GOALS

Sales of our beautiful handcrafted products is important to us

 November sales

Nov sales paid for a group of at risk teenage girls to finish their Education when they had no money to finish year 12

Products that you, our friends purchased meant that in Nepal we could care for our community needs =Self Sufficiency

A daily allergy boost using three Essential Oils- Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint supports sinus & allergy issues. Essential Oils are also used in the winter season maintaining feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, promoting  restful sleep & minimising  the effects of seasonal threats


Products that you, our friends purchase means  in Nepal we can naturally care for our health  = less sick days

Donation Request

Donation requests for 2018

When we receive donations it means we can help more people in Nepal. Donations from you, impact women & children on many levels.

When Yarn & Essential Oils are donated to our handicraft group this is how it impacts

  • Women maintain employement
  • Profit is made from the toys sold from the handicraft group and local communities & at risk women & children are supported by this
  • The money the groups saves by not buying supplies, is more money that supports community needs
  • Women miss work regularly due to simple reasons like allergies, we have introduced Essential Oils, which have helped the women immensely and sick days are at a very low rate.
  • All the children within our community are attending school

When women earn money this helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities and improves children’s health & school attendance. Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men.

We are honoured by your ongoing support but we would like to share that we need consistent colours and quality in the yarn we use, to keep our high quality. We can only use the following products –

The colours we use are – Red, Sun Gold, Orange, Green,  Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple – MARVEL 8 ply – from Spotlight stores. We do have an Australian address for delivery/collection and they send to Nepal 4-6 times per year.This is the only compatible yarn with what we use. The reason we bring this yarn into Nepal is that we cannot always source reliable quality & colours throughout the year to meet our orders.

The women use doTERRA Essential Oils which are carefully distilled from plants that have been harvested by experienced growers from around the world. We love the quality of doTERRA and that they source two of their oils from villages very close to us right here in Nepal ! The Women use Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Wild Orange & Easy Air.

While we prefer sales of our products we understand we may not have something for you. So we thankyou for considering our request for donations

Contact us – info@kriayt.com

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