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Nepal Touch – a Journey of Empowerment

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. ~ Rumi

The prayer Flags are fluttering across the mountaintops sending the prayers of many women across the world, the bells are calling us to unite…. The movers, the shakers… well their bags are half packed, destinations unknown. Women are perched on their door stoops feeling the energy of new friends, of things yet to unfold. Sisters hear the calling but fear is holding them back of travelling to the unknown, inner self and far away destination. Yet this is what is known, maybe not yet understood

Women are EMPOWERED by Women’s Actions

I can’t empower anyone, but what I can do is to walk my talk. Do what I have been called to do and when others experience my actions they in turn are called to take action in their own self Empowerment. And who are we to decide what that is for them. But…

I am CHOOSING to take a lifelong journey of self Empowerment

 I spent 10 years fulltime living in Nepal and now part time, I hop between 3 countries avoiding winter as my health has decided that is the best way for me. No, I am not retired, we raised our youngest two children this way. Our older kids found us on the University holidays and hung out in their 3 month vacations. In fact the 12 year old is still living this lifestyle and is in an honours program in her online schooling. And why? Because it just was not hard to do and our hearts called and when you are answering your heart calling, you will come to understand it is actually quite easy to do. We felt fear hang around the fringes a bit, BUT when action called we took it!

The most EMPOWERING thing I have ever done is to pack up, leave it all behind and go in search of the unknown … ME

(I’m not suggesting you pack up & country hop, but I am suggesting you follow your heart )

 The one thing I know is I am constantly learning from the people I meet, whether that is in what they are giving to me or others, or from whom I am giving to. I have learnt to see and take action, hold hands with my CREATIVITY, trust in my journey, listen to my heart and walk my talk  – and I invite you to do the same… join myself & other likeminded on our journey.

Sisters Unite !

‘Nepal Touch – Journey of Empowerment’

 The Nepal Touch – Journey of Empowerment is an ongoing journey, and one that we give as much or as little of ourselves that we choose!  We have no start or finish date. This is a group of women with the common goal of Self Empowerment. We do have another goal and this is to unite with our sisters in Nepal. Sisters met by many challenges from living in a developing country ruled by a caste & a patriarchal society. No it is not our duty to change them or their culture by what we decide is wrong or right. But it may be in our journey to share skills, experiences and sisterhood for self development and fellow growth….

Philanthropy is about thought, care, deliberation, going beyond the expected, and becoming involved. It is about bringing your giving in line with your hopes for a better world. 

Lead the way dear friends, step on your creative journey, join us, we will come together over a cuppa in our Brisbane, Australia studio lounge, online via conference calls …and you know it, we shall be meeting on a live journey to our beautiful sister country Nepal for an amazing 10 or 14 day adventure. One you will never forget, a journey filled with teaching & learning as Sister’s unite.

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Nepal Touch – a journey of Empowerment

 Nepal Touch is looking for connection between individual & community. No individual can give another power, we cannot EMPOWER anyone. Instead we can provide support and resources, opportunities that others may need to become involved and grow themselves. Empowerment is the journey we are on, a journey that develops as we walk the path we are on. A social process, as it occurs and grows in our relationships with others.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. ~ Rumi

Nepal Touch – Let’s celebrate you – Join us

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‘Realise, the power is in your hands to make a choice….. for change,
rely on your strength to make a change in your life.’ This is the motivation
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