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our projects

‘KEEP’ Kriayt’s Education & Employment Project

2013 – 2016

The primary focus of Kriayt Social Business is developing sustainable education and employment programs for women in Nepal. This project was launched in August 2013 with 6 women being trained in sewing and crochet and subsequently employed in the manufacture of Kriayt products utilising these skills.  It was to be a 6 month project but the program grew to train 22 women per month in many areas of handicraft and life skills. The women followed on with business & job skills if they choose for job placement within their communities.

our projects

Village Outreach

2013 – 2016

With Nepal being on the border with India it was discovered that many backpackers were leaving behind their clothing and trekking items after being in Nepal when heading to the warmer climate in India. Items were being left in hotel rooms, but wealthy hotel owners were gaining the items. We place clothing collection baskets in prime locations requesting the donations so the items could be sent to poorer communities and reach people in need. Kriayt Comnunity Leaders would wash and mend any items and distribution were regularly taken to the village or to the poorer communities in Pokhara. With a good supply of clothing when the Earthquake hit in 2015 Kriayt Community Leaders were able to distribute 100’s of sets of clothing and shoes to people that had lost everything. This also included Sleeping bags, tents and thermal clothing.


our projects

Earthquake Emergency Relief

In April 2015 a devastating earthquake hit Nepal killing nearly 9,000 people and over 22,000 were injured. Kriayt Community Leaders were able to take action within hours of the quake. Fundraising happened on a My Cause page and profits from the Kriayt Handicraft group started immediate buying of Food, cooking pots, tarpaulins, ropes and blankets. Our stored clothes were packed up and 4WD vehicles were sent to remote villages every few days. Some of the villages we touched have not received Earthquake aid besides us to this day. We are proud to see that the cleaning and rebuilding happened as a community spirit if helping each other one by one.

our projects

Earthquake temporary housing

Once emergency action had been taken our 2nd action after the Earthquake in Nepal was to provide temporary shelter to people needing to rebuild their homes. We worked with company in Kathmandu called Portal Shelter who supplied materials and instruction on building temporary shelter Kriayt raised funding to buy the Porta shelters and local group EnterNepal us transport them to remote forgotten villages and helped with the building of them onsite. At that point in time it was not safe for women to travel on their own, so teamwork with EnterNepal a group of local young men was vital. We help a sponsorship drive with each Portashelter cost $130AUand housed a family of 8. These provided a safe place to live allowing each family time to thoughtfully rebuild. All the materials used to construct Portal Shelters could be reused to build more permanent homes.

MyCause Fundraising and sponsors such as Nikki Smith 100km walk (80), Hope for Himalayan kids (47), ACU Choir (6) & Noosa District School(10) enabled us to build 150 houses.


our projects

Crocheted Woollies

2014 – current

When we travel to villages for program purposes or visiting family and sometimes just sitting on a long haul bus trip we teach women to crochet where ever we go! The main purpose of this is we have some simple techniques that can make slippers and hats in sizes baby to adult and keep our families in the village toasty warm in winter. With some simple skills and a donated hook this program is of great interest to women wherever we go. We encourage Women the world over if you would like to donate crochet hooks to us we can put them to good use. The only thing is we cannot guarantee where in Nepal your hook will end up but it will be a prized tool!

our projects

Business Start-Up skills

2013 – 2015

This project was about guiding at risk or needy women towards Employment. They entered a program to learn how to set up their own business


our projects

Girls in School Program

2013 – current

Using profits from the Handicraft group Kriayt Social Business has paid for many young girls in different communities attend school. Families cannot afford for their daughters to attend secondary education yet the girls were doing very well in the school system. We will pay for a girl to attend school paying for fees lunches, transport and uniforms so she has a chance to complete her education. This is better for the girl as well as her family in the long run.


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