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Essential Oil purse sets


Single Essential Oil Purses

When you buy an item made by Kriayt in Nepal your purchase becomes

The Gift of Giving

Our products made in Nepal are part of our Gifts keep giving Program. For each product sold, true giving begins

  • You recieve a beautiful hand created product
  • Women in Nepal maintain reliable employment
  • Nepali Families benefit from community projects funded by the product profit
  • For every toy sold a child in Nepal receives the gift of a toy or homework tuition as well
  • For every Essential Oil purse sold 10% is gifted to an Essential Oil fund so they Kriayt women can buy their personal supplies of Essential oils from doTERRA !

This is true community empowerment, women with income can take care of themselves and their families. And profits from product sales are used for community needs in Nepal, that may be education costs for children or medication for someone in need.

Toys provide an opportunity for children to learn. The child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. A cuddly toy may  be the only item a child in Nepal has, so a special cuddly toy is something very precious to them.

Giving homework tuition helps our children excel in their schoolwork opening up the futures with a brighter path.

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